I’m leaving London again. Just for 7 weeks. This time my trip will take me to three continents: America, Europe and Asia. I will see Dortmund, Neuss, Hamburg, Berlin, Istanbul, Bodrum, New York City, Washington D.C, North Carolina and Boston. I’ll hit the road with buses, trains, planes, strangers, friends, family, alone or a combination of the above.

I’ll try and post little bits of thoughts and music and pictures in here, because the only thing that is really missing when you travel alone is a witness that makes those experiences with you. Let’s see how diligent I will be this time – last time I forgot about my blog and just went lost in the bubble of the moment.

I am a huge Beatles-fan, and this song is always on my mind when I leave or arrive somewhere.

Whoever is leaving or arriving, saying hi or bye, or is dreaming of escaping to different places – listen and enjoy 🙂